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Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance is extremely Important

COA advocates:

  • Consumer insurance for onsite and offsite Condo Owners
  • Consumer Tenant Policies to ensure and protect Condos
  • Better Condominium Board of Directors Liability Insurance
  • Better Dispute resolution to protect Condo Owners rights
  • Condo Corporations should have better governance for insurance claims
  • Province must License Property Management Firms & Property Managers
  • Property Management Firms and Property Managers need errors/omissions insurance

COA suggestions and concerns on Insurance Coverage

  • Board of Directors may remove Building coverage to reduce deductibles
  • Mandates must be in place to force Board of Directors to notify owners of changes
  • Owners at risk for what the Corporation covers/doesn’t cover under their “standard unit”
  • Condo Building insurance may have different insurance companies on insurance coverage
  • Status Certificate shows Insurance Coverage/deductible but not “standard unit coverage”
  • Water is a #1 problem in condo buildings and insurance coverage

COA suggests preventative medicine

  • Change plastic dishwasher and washer hoses to stronger rubber quality
  • Regular checkups on lint traps in ceiling of units and regular cleaning
  • Board may enforce policy for fan coils to be changed back to owners
  • Plumbing inspection of all units and charge back to owners

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