Condo Information

Condo Information


Buying a Condominium – New Vs Resale Condominium Purchases

Explaining Condo Act

  • Explaining Condo Act
  • What is the Condominium Act 1998
  • Condominium Act 1998
  • Links to Condo Acts across Canada
  • Condo Private Members Bills & Law
  • Declaration or Condominium Documents
  • By-Laws of the Corporation
  • Rules and Regulations of the Corporation
  • Superior Court Rulings regarding Different Cases

Board of Directors and Responsibilities

  • Board of Directors and Responsibilities
  • Positions and Responsibilities
  • Qualifications of a Board of Director
  • Disqualifications of a Board Director
  • Director Resignation
  • Property Managers and Property Management Firms
  • Condominium Auditor
  • Condominium Lawyer
  • Concierge/Security Contract
  • Service Related Condominium Contracts  

Maintenance Fees and Draft Pie of Expenditures

Hydro Facts

Financials of a Condominium

  • Financials of a Condominium
  • What is the Structure of Condominiums
  • What is the Financial Structure of a Condominium
  • Standard Operating Budget Expenditures
  • Surplus and Contingency Funds
  • Special Assessments
  • Approval of Annual Budget
  • Auditor and Review of Financial Annual Report
  • Annual General Meeting Financial Review
  • Hydro Facts you should know
  • How Maintenance Fees effect Value

Turnover Meeting and Annual General Meetings

  • Turnover Meeting on New Construction (Condo Act 1998)
  • Annual General Meeting and Special Requisition Meetings (Condo Act 1998)

Voting and Proxies

  • Proxies and Voting Rights Board of Directors and Elections
  • Voting and Proxies as per the Condominium Act 1998

Live-Work Condominium Units

  • Huge Problem with Live-Work Units
  • Contravention of Declaration, By-Laws and usage restrictions
  • Possible Safety and Insurance Risks when operating in non compliance to Declaration
  • How does it negatively effect everyone Owner in the Building

Condominium Insurance Policies

Condominium Investors

Fire & Safety

Government Links – MP’s  MPP’s  Councillors   Legislature

Superior Court Rulings